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8 Must Visit Neighborhoods in Hong Kong

8 Must Visit Neighborhoods in Hong Kong

Let’s Discover the Flabbergasting Neighborhoods Of Pearl Of Orient-The Hong Kong!

Popular as the “Pearl of The Orient,” Hong Kong sits on the Pearl River Delta and is known for vibrant nightlife, spell-binding roaring Mother Nature, captivating temples, and gastronomic affairs. It is famous as the cosmopolitan city in Asia and each neighborhood HK contributes to this diverse landscape. There are two parts to Hong Kong city; Kowloon which is more traditional and Hong Kong Island, the town’s most glitzy side.

Kowloon is jam-packed with traditional seafood, Chinese medicine shops, dai pai dongs, and cha chaan tengs. While the other side inclines more toward pulsating and luxurious nightlife scenes.

If you want to have more know-how of these neighborhoods before visiting, you are in the right spot. So, just let’s get going!


8 Must Visit Neighborhoods in Hong Kong

When most people think of Hong Kong, the Central District comes to mind, nicely saturated with frenetic energy and a flock of skyscrapers. Business offices, financial institutions, and shopping destinations all significantly co-exist in this densely packed place. Beneath this concrete jungle lies some of the best and most exclusive bars, modern art galleries, and restaurants. Set on Hong Kong Island's north shore, there’s always something happening there, a beverage or food pop-up, a cultural event, a new store opening, and even the unexpected street art pieces.

Sheung Wan

8 Must Visit Neighborhoods in Hong Kong

If suits define central, then hipsters own Sheung Wan. Set beneath the Central shadow of high-rises just west side of the towering business district, the street of Sheung is lined with trendy Melbourne-style cafés, stylish neighboring restaurants, chic boutiques, and bohemian vintage stores. Here, you can drop by Hollywood Road stocked with Asian antiques; pay a visit to Man Ho Temple, Hong Kong’s oldest temple, and snap some photos of the striking art in the area named PoHo around Tai Ping Shan and Po Hing Fong Street.

Causeway Bay

8 Must Visit Neighborhoods in Hong Kong

Explore the lively energy of Causeway Bay, where weekends are a whirlwind of activity. Amidst the bustling malls and vibrant streets, discover top-rated eateries and enjoy the serenity of Hong Kong's largest public park. With its rich history as a fishing village, Causeway Bay, being a walkable neighbourhood in Hong Kong offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity for an unforgettable experience.

Tsim Sha Tsui

8 Must Visit Neighborhoods in Hong Kong

Hop on the Star Ferry over Victoria Harbor to get to one of the liveliest Hong Kong neighborhoods right on the southern edge of Kowloon Peninsula. The plentiful Tsim Sha Tsui tourist spots make it a must-visit stop that should be added to your itinerary. Visit the neon-lit Golden Mile of Nathan Road; the Avenue of Stars, China’s answer to the lovely Hollywood Walk of Fame, and high-end shopping malls like Harbor City and K11. You will find multiple top-rated dining options here, ranging from traditional Cantonese cuisine and Michelin-star fine dining to international meals from almost everywhere in the world.

Sai Kung

8 Must Visit Neighborhoods in Hong Kong

One of the best nearby scenic Hong Kong areas is none other than Sai Kung where you will find everything from gorgeous beaches to laidback cafes and spectacular restaurants. This impressive district pulls in water sports junkies and nature enthusiasts alike who are in search of a perfect beach with a slice of Hong Kong, located away from the central district high rises. Take a boat ride to Yim Tin Tsai to catch glorifying sights, then walk to St Joseph Chapel and if adrenaline rush activities are more of your thing, try your luck at picturesque hiking trails.

Cheung Chau

8 Must Visit Neighborhoods in Hong Kong

Among the 250 islands of Hong Kong, Cheung Chan stands out the most because of its popular bun festival. Apart from this festival, this isle is also known for food scenes, scenic cycling routes, and a large number of contemporary shops and cafes. Visit Cheungo Po Tsai Cave, named after the renowned Hong Kong pirate, or enjoy a short hike to reach the highest point right at North Pavilion. Love Lock Wall, Mini Great Wall, Kwun Yam Wan, and Cheung Chau Ting Wan Beach are some of the most famous and not-to-be-missed tourist attractions in this vibrant neighborhood.

Tai Hang

8 Must Visit Neighborhoods in Hong Kong

Located just a stone-throw away from the bustling Causeway Bay is the liveliest Tai Hang, offering a rare pocket break you can ever find in Hong Kong. It houses a great assortment of hidden shops, indie cafés, historic landmarks, and local eateries, this neighborhood is undoubtedly a hip place to visit. Make sure to attend the yearly Fire Dragon Dance held in mid-autumn. Dine at Bing Kee Cha Dong, serving delicious local bites, and for more traditional meals, go for second-to-none Shun Hing Cha Dong, serving the best in town char siu egg rice.

Kennedy Town

8 Must Visit Neighborhoods in Hong Kong

Kennedy Town is one of the revamped neighborhoods greatly infused with laid-back vibes. Start your trip with a visit to Belcher Bay Promenade, a public area in front of the water that boasts a children's playground, a community garden and farm, and a boardwalk. Swimmers can opt for the Sai Wan Swimming Shed or the Kennedy Town Swimming Pool that overlooks Victoria Harbor, providing a Jacuzzi and an outdoor and indoor pool. Catch a flick at Golden Scene Cinema or gather a gang for a friendly competition at Wheat and Wood. Plus, history buffs can pop in by Lo Pan Temple which is dedicated to carpenters and builders god.

Wrapping up, Hong Kong, home to 7.4 million residents belonging to different nationalities, is one of the most world’s densely populated territories. To your surprise, this place used to be a fishing village which has now transformed into a vibrant place strongly rooted in history. Aside from the scenic spots in Hong Kong, there are also first-class neighborhood areas that you will love exploring as mentioned in this guide, the 8 best neighborhoods of Hong Kong.

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